Food Scrap Bags Durability Test

Program Testing

On Monday, April 26, Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy (R&E), with the help of Foth Infrastructure and Environment and Walter’s Recycling & Refuse, will be conducting a test related to a new food scraps collection program. This test will occur in Roseville on the morning of April 26. Roseville residents may see Foth staff in marked vehicles and safety vests placing green bags into select garbage carts early in the morning on this day. The bags will be placed into randomly selected garbage carts on these routes that are at the street curb on the morning of their normal collection day. R&E and Foth staff will not enter private property if a garbage cart is not out. This will not impact trash collection – trash will be collected as normal.


R&E is developing a new program for collecting food scraps from residents so that they can be recycled. Recycling food scraps will provide health, environmental and economic benefits to the community. Here’s how the process will work:

Food scrap bags are durable, compostable bags that are designed to be put in residents’ garbage carts, transported in a garbage truck and sorted out afterwards. As part of program planning, R&E is replicating the process of food scrap bags going through the whole system, starting at residents’ garbage carts, to test the bags’ ability to be transported in the garbage.

Want More Information?

  • Durability test fact sheet
  • Call Walter’s Recycling & Refuse at 763-780-8464 or the Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy Center at 651-768-6670