The R&E Center


The 2024 tipping fee for all acceptable waste delivered to the Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy Center (R&E Center) in Newport, or to a participating transfer station, is $121 per ton.

The R&E Center assesses special fees for items that are unacceptable or difficult to manage. Items subject to special fees and the fee per item can be found in the special item rate table below. Transfer stations may charge different rates for some items.

R&E center semi truck in parking lot

“Waste designation” ordinances in Ramsey and Washington counties require that all trash from the two counties be delivered to and processed at the R&E Center. More information on waste designation can be found here. The R&E Center does not accept public entity waste from outside of Ramsey and Washington counties.

The following transfer stations are available at the same tip fee as the R&E Center to haulers with an R&E waste delivery agreement:

WM Saint Paul Transfer Station
309 Como Avenue, Saint Paul

Republic Transfer Station
10320 Naples St NE, Blaine

Dem-Con Blaine Transfer Station
3280 99th Court NE, Blaine

SKB Malcom Ave Transfer Station
630 Malcolm Ave SE, Minneapolis

Walter’s Transfer Station
10191 Xylite St NE, Blaine

Haulers that have not signed a waste delivery agreement cannot deliver trash from Ramsey or Washington counties to a transfer station; it must be delivered to the R&E Center in Newport. This is required by each county’s waste designation ordinance.