Partnership on Waste and Energy

Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging

Developing an extended producer responsibility (EPR) policy for packaging

The Partnership on Waste and Energy, a collaborative effort of Hennepin, Ramsey, and Washington counties, is collaborating with the Product Stewardship Institute to develop an EPR bill for packaging and paper products in Minnesota. The policy is being developed to meet the interests of residents, communities and companies and will prevent waste, increase recycling and save local governments millions of dollars.

About EPR

EPR policies hold producers (mainly consumer brands) responsible for their products and packaging throughout the entire lifecycle – from product design all the way through to reuse, recycling, or safe disposal.

EPR for packaging across the U.S.

The policy development in Minnesota is occurring in tandem with the development of EPR legislation for packaging and paper products in states across the country. Since 2019, a dozen U.S. states have introduced producer responsibility for packaging legislation. The first three laws in the U.S. passed in Oregon and Maine in 2021 and in Colorado in 2022.

With recycling costs rising, stagnate recycling rates, and consumer pressure mounting for brands to take action, momentum for producer responsibility bills for packaging and paper products has steadily grown.

Minnesota’s EPR for packaging and paper products bill will benefit from the experiences of states that have been working with the Product Stewardship Institute to develop similar legislation and will contribute to the nationwide groundswell of activity in support of a more just and sustainable waste management system.

Timeline for EPR policy in Minnesota

Phase I: November 2021 to May 2022

A committee with representatives from local government, the state, the packaging industry, and environmental groups convened to develop and draft elements of an EPR bill for packaging and paper products customized to Minnesota.

Phase II: June 2022 to May 2023

A series of stakeholder meetings will be held during summer 2022 to solicit feedback on the draft elements of the EPR bill for packaging and paper products.

A bill will be developed in fall 2022 that incorporates feedback from stakeholder meetings for introduction during the 2023 Minnesota legislative session. Supporters will be asked to sign on to the coalition to get the bill introduced and passed at the Minnesota legislature.

See the following documents to learn more:

If you have questions about this effort, would like to request a presentation or want to submit feedback, contact Mallory Anderson at or 612-348-3837.