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2022 Legislative Platform

The Partnership on Waste and Energy (PWE) seeks to end waste, promote renewable energy and enhance the health and resiliency of communities we serve while advancing equity and responding to the challenges of a changing climate.

Support initiatives to build a sustainable, circular economy

PWE supports measures to design waste, toxicity and pollution out of the marketplace, keep products and materials in use and restore natural systems.

PWE supports shared responsibilities and partnerships among private and public entities to manage waste generation and use waste as a resource.

Make solid waste financing a robust, equitable tool for achieving environmental and public health goals

PWE supports tax and finance policies that adequately fund local government to carry out responsibilities required in statute, that provide incentives to create a stronger and more circular Minnesota economy and that equitably apply costs and distribute financial resources in alignment with policy goals.

PWE supports strategic financing to encourage emerging technologies and advance the solid waste, resource and energy management systems in ways that are more sustainable, equitable and protective of the environment and public health.

Build on Waste Management Act goals

PWE supports public health and environmental goals established in the Waste Management Act. PWE believes that integrating energy and materials management strategies to reach beyond current goals, policies and structures will achieve a more sustainable economy without waste, reduce greenhouse gases and improve other environmental outcomes.

PWE supports stronger and more resilient partnerships among state and local governments to ensure the ability of government to implement waste and resource policies and programs that achieve statutory goals.

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Policy Position Statements

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