Partnership on Waste and Energy

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The following reports were produced by Great Plains Institute for the Partnership on Waste and Energy.

Policy and Regulatory Considerations to Develop Food Waste Digestion in Minnesota – December 2020. Focused on food waste digestion, this report investigates Minnesota’s existing permitting and regulatory environment and explores potential policies and incentives that would support development of anaerobic digestion in the state.

Case Study: Renewable Natural Gas in a Minnesota Clean Fuels Policy – Fall 2020. This case study explores how renewable natural gas from an anaerobic digestion (AD) facility could perform in a clean fuels policy in Minnesota. The study analyzes carbon intensity and the economics of AD using various feedstocks.

Anaerobic Digestion Evaluation Study – September 2018. This study reviews how anaerobic digestion technology has worked in other locations and evaluates the primary economic factors that contribute to the financial feasibility of an anaerobic digestion operation in the Twin Cities metro area.